Corporate coexisting with everyone

Accompanied growth

Support programs

Financial support

  • 1
    Accompanied growth fund
    “ Program that provides loans that reduces provides a special interest rate to cooperating companies through the creation of ‘accompanied growth fund’ by SK siltron and IBK Bank and that provides support so that it can be used for equipment purchase/operation of fund and others”
  • 2
    Coexistence payment system
    “ System equivalent to cash that guarantees collection of payment while giving out providing payment on the payment date and that can be cashed received early in with low interest rates in conglomerate standard”

Technology support

  • 1
    Technology material rental system
    “ System that proves the improves technology development by safely storing SME’s core technology information in Conglomerate the corporation and SME Cooperation Foundation and that enables it to be used as evidence in case of technology leak and disputes ”
  • 2
    Free patent sharing
    “ Technology support activity that enables 131 patents out of SK siltron’s entire patents to be viewed and used for free by interested companies who wish to do so”
  • 3
    Technology training on Si-Wafer process
    “Program that offers training on semiconductor and wafer manufacturing process is conducted for members of SK siltron vendors to create awareness on the importance of subsidiary materials being supplied, equipment and facility and to create coexistence cooperative relationship”
  • 4
    Patent training for SK siltron vendors
    “ Program that enhances the patent competency of the person in charge in each company by educating key details related to patents and that aims to prepare a foundation for technology collaboration ”
  • 5
    SK Accompanied Growth CEO Seminar
    “ Program for enhancing competence of vendor CEOs, promoting management and perspective, creating accompanied growth community and promoting intimacy ”
  • 6
    SK Accompanied Growth MBA
    “ Program that provides training on Global W/S and marketing, strategy, finance and others in order to enhance the management competence of key leaders in SK vendors and to promote global perspective by understanding the current status of global business ”
  • 7
    More Growth Mobile
    “ Supports the competency development of vendor’s members by utilizing/sharing platforms for learning through SK Group’s Self-Development videos “
  • 8
    SK Accompanied Growth Employment Expo
    “ Coexistence and cooperation program that supports the participation of vendor’s employment expo to secure outstanding talented people in SMEs and to resolve shortage of manpower while materializing social value “

Management Support

  • 1
    Performance sharing system
    “ System that involves sharing the common objective between companies and sharing the performances achieved through efforts based on pre-designated methods ”
  • 2
    2-Step Industry Innovation Movement
    “ As a movement for innovating productivity in SMEs based on coexistence and cooperation among large, medium and small enterprises, it is a this program that assigns KPIs through site diagnosis for eligible participating companies , supports the production equipment and supports the enhancement of performance of participating companies ”