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SHE Management

SK siltron fulfills SHE management as upmost priority in
all management activities in order to minimize SHE impact that occurs in the production process.

Pursues environmental-friendly and zero-disaster business premise

  • 1. Produces products in using environmental-friendly methods by applying SHE assessment in the overall production development/production/discarding.
  • 2. By continuously improving the SHE management system at all times, ① Environment pollution/safety-related accidents are prevented, ② Safe and pleasant working environment on site is created and ③ Injuries and health problems in to members and vendor employees are prevented.

Complies with SHE regulations

Initiative internal standards are set in all regions of business activities based on SHE related regulations like PDCA Cycle and international agreements and various activities are carried out for efficient management and operation.

< Internal inspection and certification inspection >
Item Inspection period Supervised by
Internal inspection Once a year SHE department
Certification inspection Once a year SGS/Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

Transparent SHE operation

  • 1. Disclosed transparently to the relevant parties and actively participates in SHE activities in the regional community.
  • 2. All members of SK siltron are well aware of the principles and effectively maintains and operates the according to SHE management

Operates contingency system

  • 1. Monitoring system functions at all times through disaster prevention center to minimize property loss in individuals and company caused by environmental safety-related accidents.
  • 2. Potential risk factors are prevented in advance and in case of emergency, early response procedure is established and emergency training is conducted per process in each business premises once a year.

SHE management

Environment Health Safety SHE Guideline Plan Execution and operation Inspection and countermeasure Management review Continuous improvement

Certification of SHE Management System

With the designation of Gumi Plant 1 as a green company by the Ministry of Environment in 1998 as a start,
All business premises acquired domestic and overseas certifications related to SHE and is are maintaining voluntary operation and improvement.

  • ISO14001 certificate ISO14001 certificate
  • ISO45001 certificate ISO45001
  • Certificate of green company designation Certificate of green company designation
green company 환경부