Challenge, Collaboration, Immersion

On-The-Job Interview

  • Employee Bae Young Seo
    Employee Bae Young Seo
    SK siltron Equipment Technology Team Hi, I’m Bae Young Seo, employee in the Equipment Technology Team. Currently, I’m in charge of maintenance of equipment in Wire Saw process at the Shaping part. My goal is to become an equipment specialist in the part that I’m responsible for. As the work in the Equipment Technology Team is based on equipment design, knowing how to use design programs like CAD would be helpful for work.
  • Employee Kim Ji Hoon
    SK siltron QC Team Hi. I’m Kim Ji Hoon in SK siltron QC Team. I’m responsible for Lab works in the QC Team and I am in charge of product inspection and monitoring for product shipment. Although I’m managing some of the equipment only, I’d like to handle various measuring equipment and become a specialist in measuring equipment in the future.
  • Employee Hong Gyeong Hee
    SK siltron Wafer Characteristics Research Team Hi. I’m Hong Gyeong Hee, employee in Wafer Characteristics Research Team. I’m in charge of identifying the root cause when an issue occurs with customers or internally and proposing quality improvement directions. Currently, I’m implementing a project which involves responding to contamination issues caused by changes in next-generation device process. My ultimate goal is to become a specialist in water characteristics research.
  • Employee Kim Hyeong Rae
    SK siltron Process Technology Team My work involves managing the processes for flawless production and optimal quality. My goal is to become a specialist in wafer process. I believe that it’s important to show passion towards our company. I think that if you appeal your knowledge on wafer in your cover letter and interview, it could lead to a great result.
  • Employee Jung Jin Won
    SK siltron Process Technology Team Hi. I’m Jung Jin Won, employee in Process Technology Team. I’m working in the growing process where high-purity silicon solution grows into single crystal ingot. My goal is to become a happy engineer. If we continue to improve the processes as bold engineers in order to achieve high level of objectives, we’d be able to find happiness in the company and in our lives. Although professional knowledge on the process is important for securing world-class technology in SK siltron, I believe that perseverance in not surrendering the task that we are executing is also important.