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Ethical management

Code of Ethics

SK siltron Co., Ltd. plays a pivotal role in the social and economic development by generating values regarding various stakeholders such as customers, members employees, shareholders and business partners, furthermore, achieves corporate management and contributes to the happiness of mankind by considering SKMS as corporate management.
The Code of Ethics has been enacted for such purpose and it acts as a standard for decision-making and judgment of acts in all management activities.

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Organization that practices Ethical Management

SK siltron strives to create an environment where members can proactively practice ethical management by operating a Management Diagnosis Team. which is dedicated to ethical management. The Management Diagnosis Team is comprised of a Management Diagnosis Part Section and Ethical Part Section

CEO Management Diagnosis
Management Diagnosis
Part Section
The Management Diagnosis Part Section is focused on identifying and inspecting management risks in advance and on providing solutions, ultimately promoting the utilization of management resources and contributing to creating a sound organization culture.
Ethical Management
Part Section
The Ethical Management Part Section endeavors to establish discipline of ethical management culture within the organization by executing overall work for compliance with the Code of Ethics as well as educational and promotional activities of ethical management and strives to secure transparency in management by diagnosis irrational fraud.

Ethical Management Activities

Educational and promotional activities for members and vendors
Education and promotion on ethical management are being carried out continuously for the settlement of ethical management culture.
Educational activities on ethical management involves operating education courses such as introductory course for newcomers, basic course for employees, specialized course for person people in charge of purchasing and sales work, intensified course for organization managers to foster skills for preventing and responding to unethical risk that could occur in the process of work in members of employees. Moreover, efforts are being made to establish the foundation for accompanied growth by sharing measures for achieving ethical management of SK siltron through education on of CEOs and person people in charge in of vendors, listening to difficulties and accepting opinions.
Promotional activities for ethical management involves being engaged in various promotional activities to instill the will to achieve ethical management in members through campaigns for rejecting the custom of giving gifts during festive seasons, newsletters on ethical management, ethical management column in company newsletter, quiz event on ethical management and others and to ensure that vendors voluntarily participate in SK siltron’s ethical management policy.
Operation of system for reporting bribery
Accepting bribery from stakeholders is prohibited regardless of any reasons whatsoever. And In case If money, gifts and other things have been accepted inevitably, it has they have to be reported to the Management Diagnosis Team according to the procedure then returned to the stakeholder. In case it is disrespectful or impossible to return items, it is they will be donated to a social welfare facility and it is notified to the stakeholder along with a letter to prevent recurrence.
Pledge of Ethical Practice
Members and vendors pledge to fulfill ethical management through the Pledge of Ethical Practice. In addition, members and vendors complete the Pledge of Ethical Practice every year through an online system to remind them of the definition of the Code of Ethics and to re-inspect the ethical standard.
Operation of ethical management system
Report System
Reports are received so that active measures can be taken against unethical acts of members. and Processes is are improved to eliminate the fundamental cause of the problem and to prevent recurrence.
Although information related to details of report and the informer is strictly protected, restoration to original state or compensation measures equivalent to such are provided in case the informer is disadvantaged due to the report.
Ombudsman for vendors
‘Ombudsman system for vendors’ which is a dedicated online window is being operated so that distress and difficulties of vendors can be registered more conveniently and efforts are being made so that the opinions of the vendors that have been received are reflected in improving the system.
Make ethical management-Related reports