Corporate coexisting with everyone

Accompanied growth

Implementation direction

SK siltron is engaged in activities for accompanied growth to
reinforce fundamental competitiveness of vendors.

We will become a ‘most-trusted corporation that for customers with to deal with’, contributing to generation of social and economic values through sincere cooperation activities with vendors such as preparation of foundation for fair trade, financial/technical support, reinforcement of communication, establishment of systems to prevent violation of law. and others.

Fair Trade Agreement System

It is a system that involves signing of agreements containing details on for preventing unfair acts and reinforcing competitiveness.
These systems and that encourage mutual agreement to be operated with and internal stability by inspecting and evaluating its the implementation standard.

Conglomerate + Signing of
(Support for product
technology development)
+ Small and Medium Enterprise
Reinforcement of product technology competitiveness in SME
through support for technology development
Quality enhancement of SK siltron’s
finished product and cost reduction
+ Increase in sales of SME
by expanding quantity
Enhancement of mutual competitiveness in companies
through coexistence and cooperation Promotion of
national industry competitiveness

4 Items to Achieve

SK siltron has adopted ‘Top 4 Guideline for coexistence and cooperation between conglomerate and SME’ enacted by
the Fair Trade Commission for fair subcontract transaction with sub-contactors.
Fair trade agreements are signed with sub-contractors and regulations are strictly complied with. followed.

  1. 1. Item to achieve for desirable contract
    • Issuance of written agreement after signing
    • Determination of subcontract payment based on reasonable cost calculation method
    • Prohibition of unjust cost reduction and others
  2. 2. Item to achieve for fair appointment
    (registration) of vendors
    • Secure fairness in vendor registration and cancellation standard
    • Early disclosure of vendor appointment and cancellation standard, procedure and result
    • Assignment of opportunity to participate in fair bidding for registration vendor and others
  3. 3. Item to achieve for installation and operation of Internal
    Deliberation Committee for subcontract transaction
    • Composition of Internal Deliberation Committee for subcontract transaction
    • Early deliberation regarding signing of agreement and price determination and others
    • Deliberation on the appropriateness of vendor registration and cancellation standard and procedure
  4. 4. Item to achieve related to desirable written issuance
    and preservation
    • Preparation and proposal of written agreement for those eligible in the subcontract transaction process
    • Preservation of the abovementioned document for 3 years from the date the subcontract transaction ends
    • Reflection in company regulation for written issuance and preservation custom to settle down

Activity direction

SK siltron strives to achieve continuous development and accompanied growth by fostering cooperation between companies
through expansion of support, reinforcement of competency and open communication.

Expansion of support
Technology support
  • Technology transfer, free equipment rental and others
  • Joint development, consulting on patent application
Fund support
  • Direct fund support
  • Coexistence payment system
Reinforcement of competency
Reinforcement of management/improvement competency
  • Establishment of quality and equipment management system
  • Support for management consulting
Reinforcement of competency in cooperation company members
  • Support for 6 sigma, innovation training
Open communication
Open communication with cooperation company
  • Periodic visit to vendors (to listen to VOS)
  • Meetings held
Operation of portal for accompanied growth
  • Notification of Top 4 Items to Achieve
  • Registration of opinion and F/U