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A polished wafer is a thin disc-shaped single crystal silicon and made from highly pure polycrystalline silicon through melting, crystal growth, cutting, polishing and washing processes. Polished wafers are primarily used to make semiconductor devices such as DRAM, flash memory, and LCD drivers. 


Depending on their purpose, they come with different mechanical properties, including crystal orientation, dopant type, properties like resistivity, diameter and thickness.


These products provide high levels of flatness and cleanliness to ensure the smooth manufacturing of highly integrated semiconductor devices, as well as prevent fine crystal defects during the manufacturing process.

An epitaxial wafer is very similar in shape to a polished wafer, but has an additional multi-um-thick layer of single crystal silicon deposited on a polished wafer.

Epitaxial wafers are usually used to make semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, image sensors, and power devices.

They come in a variety of forms depending on the layer type, resistivity, and thickness, because the type of dopant and the level of resistivity are adjustable for substrates and deposited layers.


These products allow for the substrate structure needed for a variety of highly functional semiconductor devices, provide uniform resistivity and prevent contamination