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Qualified Products List- A list those suppliers and/or devices which have been qualified for a given program, specification or set of specifications.
QUAD flat pack (QFP)
A plastic or ceramic package that has leads that project down and away from all four sides of a square package, typically with gull wing lead configuration. Also see gull wing.
Qualification methodology
The standard manufacturing method developed by SEMATECH for rigorously characterizing and burning in tools before they are released for production. There are two levels of qualification. Also see level 1 qualification and level 2 qualification.
Qualification test
For fluid or gas distribution system, extensive, closely controlled tests that completely analyze the characteristics of a component. There tests are performed to qualify a component for use in high-purity installation.
Qualifying activity
The government agency or original equipment manufacturer(OEM) responsible for determining vendor qualification status with respect to a given specification or series of specifications. In many cases the qualifying activity will be different from the producing activity.
Conformande to a set of predetermined design and workmanship standards. Quality and reliability are not synonymous.
Quality area
1. that portion of a surface within which specified parameter values apply.
2. in flat panel display substrates, the center area of the substrate where specified substrate quality criteria(with regard to scratch, flatness, stain, bubble, and stone) are applicable.
Quality conformance inspection
Ongoing sample testing on a periodic basis to determine conformance with the quality and reliability standards established in qualification.
Quantum device
An electronic device structure, the properties of which derive from the wave nature of electrons
Glass like material processed to withstand great temperatures ; several parts used in the furnace are made of this material.
Quartz carrier
A supporting structure that holds substrates during high-temerature operation. Also called boat
Containers made from amorphous material, which is resistant to high temperature. Examples are the furnace tube and the quartz carrier.
A waiting line;for example, of materials or of data to be processed.
Queue time
The maximum time allowed by specifications to transpire between two sequential operations. The time in queue may be called out by specification.
Quiet zone
In the bar code marking of silicon wafers, a clear space of consistent background and characteristics that precedes the start character of symbol and follows the stop character.
Electrostatic discharge
The discharge of accumulated static charge (typically of high voltage at low current) from one collector to another, usually by jumping the air gap between the two.
Productive time
The total time during which equipment is performing its intended function in producing a product. [SEMI E10-92] Also see productive state.
Current carrying edge
That portion of metal over a contact window that is closest to the point at with the metallization stripe enters the contact window.
Lap presort
The process whereby slices are inspected for defects and sorted into thickness groups going to Lapping, so that wafers of the same thickness will be lapped together.
Radiation hardness
The ability of a device to withstand radiation exposure without degradation or logic upset. Bipolar devices tend to be inherently harder than MOS devices.