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Support for Housing

Support for purchasing or renting

For plant workers: Company-paid housing or dormitories are available.

Partaking in Ceremonies and Funerals

Monetary support and vacation for marriage, birthdays or funerals of employees and their family members

Educational Support

Full tuition support for employees' children from middle school to college.

Flexible Benefit Plan

All employees can apply for this benefit.

You can improve the quality of your life through this plan

If you need more information, please search the human resources regulation on the website


Meals provided at all sites

Support for Transportation

We supply a car allowance for sales people. 

We operate commute buses and shuttles for our employees. 

Rewards for Longevity

Compensation and tour award for long-time workers

Support for Healthcare

Company-paid medical care for Employees and their family.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

For Employees,
35-39 years old: once every two years
40+ years old: once a year
For spouses once every two years

Regular Checkups

Preventive physical examination and vaccination: Once a year

Group Insurance

Company-paid insurance to cover accidents and hospitalizations

Vacation System

Five day work week

Option to take a half-day off as necessary

Summer vacation (5 days)