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2015 SK실트론 환경보고서
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In 1997, SK Siltron promulgated ‘SK Siltron Environmental Declaration’ to realize environment-first policy.
1. SK SILTRON prioritizes environment, safety and hygiene in every phase of managerial activities and understands the
   commitment as the opportunity for value creation for the customers.
2. SK SILTRON decides and strictly enforces a standard designed based on environment, safety and hygiene-related
   regulations/law enforcements of all regions and nations where SK SILTRON’s business activities take place and
   continues to enhance the level of environment, safety and hygiene standard.
3. SK SILTRON periodically assesses and announces the result of environment, safety and hygiene-related activities.
4. SK SILTRON encourages all employees to recognize social responsibilities for global environment conservation and
   actively participate in environment conservation activities of the community.
SK Siltron was designated as an environment-friendly company by the Ministry of Environment in December 1998 for its exemplary efforts to protect the environment. In the future, SK Siltron will continue to manage its business with an eye on protecting the environment
1. Conduct environmental impact assessments on product development, production and scrapping processes and
   based on the findings, produce environment-friendly products.
2. Create a safe and pleasant working environment by enforcing measures to actively prevent accidents and
   environmental pollution.
3. Set up health, safety and environment regulations for the continued prevention of accidents and pollution.
Set up own standards and abide by them as well as the laws and international agreements on health, safety and the environment in all business areas.
1. Make all employees well aware of the policy for effective implementation of the company's health, safety and
   environment policy.
2. Maintain transparency in the company's management performance concerning health, safety
   and the environment and actively participate in community activities related to health, safety and the environment.
SK Siltron obtained ISO 14001 and KOSHA & OHSAS 18001 (safety and hygiene system) international certificates by minimizing environmental, safety and hygiene-related issues related to our business activities.
In pursuit of high customer satisfaction, SK Siltron achieved ISO/TS 16949 certification in January 2004. We were the first semiconductor firm in Korea to receive this international certification.