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Ever since the establishment in 1983, SK Siltron has grown consistently with its
  customers and contributed to the advancement of the semiconductor industry by
  manufacturing wafers for semiconductors, a main product of the company.
  Recently, SK Siltron is developing to become a global wafer-specialized
  corporation through expanding its business to sapphire wafers for LED.
  Competition of price and technology is intensifying as the fast pace evolution of IT
  technology is causing more complexity in the market. With insight on customers
  and the market, SK Siltron will always be prepared to provide solutions whenever
  customers are in need and seek new opportunities to advance even more.
  In order to achieve this, SK Siltron will concentrate on strengthening technological
  and organizational capabilities. The company will also devote to creating a
  pleasant and healthy work environment by putting emphasis on Site,
  Communication, and Fun to draw the best ways for solving problems and obtaining outstanding results.
  SK Siltron is grateful for the support received from customers, and would like to
  kindly ask for continuous interest and warm love.
  Thank you very much.